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By admin • • 24 Feb 2012

Who Am I ?

A French citizen who lived 16 years in Brittany, 8 years in Japan, 2 years in Tahiti, nearly 2 years in Germany now, and because the total is still under my age, I must have lived in other places too… I take photos with some Nikon basic hardware, previously with Canon, I like both of course.

I’d love to share more on the photos, but those days I have to allocate time on other subjects. Your comments are very welcome, for example under the photo in Flickr (small link when watching in Full-screen.),if you have a Flickr account. or send me an e-mail* to exchange, or get in touch through facebook.

Thank you !

Ideally, when writing*: francoisinjapan at gmail.com
E-mail titled: “Discretepicture – facebook”: to to get in touch through facebook.
E-mail titled: “Discretepicture – Comment”: to make a comment, suggestion.
E-mail titled: “Discretepicture – Collaboration”: Discuss a collaboration, on the content (adding your photos too, collaborating on the explanations, producing videos) or the design of the website to showcase your talents too. I sincerely believe in synergies here.
E-mail titled: “Discretepicture – Print”: Print a photo for your own use (high definition, without the logo): For the first print of a photo, I will give you the right for free in exchange for a photo of where you hang it. You have to ask me to know if you would be the first !
E-mail titled: “Discretepicture – Buy”: Buy the rights to re-use a photo Royalty-Free or Royalty-Manage, directly contracting with me, or alternatively through Getty-Images. It pays me the website hosting, the photo backups, some accessories for photography etc.. not yet the trips…

* In English, im Deutsch, 日本語で, en Francais, whichever is easier for you.